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How to retarget your website visitors on facebook

Retarget your website visitor’s to lower your Facbook Ads CPA and boost conversions

Why retarget your website’s visitors on Facebook

Are you paying full price for your Facebook Ads campaigns?

Do you know that targetting ‘engaged’ or ‘warm traffic’ like your website’s visitors drastically lowers your click thru rates from your Facebook Ads campaigns?

Besides lowering your CPA, retargeting your website’s visitors with your Facebook Ads campaigns will increase your conversion rates also because you will be targetting ‘warm traffic’ that already know about yourself, your brand, your products or services, etc.

Structuring a defined and layered marketing campaign that helps your prospects walk their journey in your customer adquisition process increases your conversions, sales rates and ROI. It also provides you the basement on top which you can scale your overall marketing campaign.

Your customer adquisition process may be understood as:

  • Getting New Traffic
  • Getting Engagement
  • Getting Repeated Traffic
  • Getting Subscribers
  • Getting Customers
  • Getting Loyal Customers
  • Getting Promoters

You can shrink or expand this process as you may need depending in your marketing strategy and resources but mainly it means takeing a person to whom you’re a completly unknown into converting him/her into your most loyal customer.

In order to acheive this you can structured a layered marketing campaign with secuencial ad messages depending in the grade of interaction and behaivor your websites visitor’s have. For example, are they first time visitor’s? did they comment in your posts? have they visited your ‘tank you page’ after subscribing to your mailing list or purchaseing something? Etc…

Tracking your website’s visitors behaivor with the Facebook Pixel

You might be wondering how you can target or re-target this people, well for that, Facebook provides a special code (named: Facebook Pixel) that installed in your website pages’ code (html, php, etc.) helps you track your website’s traffic and behaivor.

This ‘special code’ is to be inserted in your website pages and blog posts.  But this gets really funny when you need to send Facebook notifications of events done from your website’s visitors like: visiting one specific page, a conversion (like optin or purchase), when someone adds something to the shopping cart, etc.

Guess what? Yes, you need to code that into your Facebook Pixel.

Fortunatly you use WordPress to publish your website(s), so I have a great news for you. This can be done really easy with WP InstaPixel Plugin.

WP InstaPixel Plugin will help you target your website visitors by helping you add your Facebook Pixel without coding or editing your wordpress theme, all you’ll need to do is define the type of events your visitor’s will be accomplishing by visiting diferent pages in your website so that WP InstaPixel Plugin can send that information to Facebook for you to use in your future campaigns.

Another great news is that I have this helpfull plugin here for you to download 100% FREE, check our video on how easy is to install and configure the WP InstaPixel Plugin.

WP InstaPixel Plugin will make setting up your Facebook Pixel and defining events in your wordpress website a breeze!

Download the WP InstaPixel Plugin and you’ll also get a mini series email course about how to retarget your website’s visitors in Facebook by creating custom audiences to be used in your Facebook Ads campaigns.


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