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How to retarget your website visitors on facebook

by pmkt | August 26, 2018 | on Social Marketing | no comments

Retarget your website visitor's to lower your Facbook Ads CPA and boost conversions Why retarget your website's visitors on Facebook Are you paying full price for your Facebook Ads campaigns? Do you know that targetting 'engaged' or 'warm traffic' like your website's visitors drastically lowers your click thru rates from your Facebook Ads campaigns? Besides lowering your CPA, retargeting your website's visitors with your Facebook Ads campaigns will increase your conversion rates also b

With PixlyPro, Take Remarketing Beyond Your Website

by pmkt | August 25, 2018 | on Social Marketing | no comments

Are you tied to your website for creating custom audiences from your website's visitors? Can you retarget people from other websites you share online? Think in all the visitor's you have sent to affiliate links, your niche's articles you have share form other's people blogs, etc. Have you wondered how to be able to retarget them in your online marketing campaigns? Let's be clear, using the old retargeting method for traffic has MANY problems Problem #1: You need a pixel code,